About MAT Kosovo

About MAT Kosovo

A proven track record and extensive experience in the delivery of humanitarian mine action and explosive ordnance disposal, humanitarian improvised explosive device clearance and risk management services in areas recovering from conflict.


Our training programmes have been delivered in support of governments, the United Nations, NGO’s and private donors worldwide. Our bespoke training courses enable and facilitate organisations to implement their EOD clearance programmes for the re-establishment of infrastructure and life support services with the ultimate goal of releasing land back to the communities.

Our training cadres have been deployed to all corners of the globe, delivering projects on time, on budget and without incident. Moreover, our technical training courses and national projects are recognised throughout the worldwide as the industry standard for training excellence.



MAT Kosovo boasts a 100% safety record in the industry, which is unique in our sector. MAT Kosovo has never had a landmine or UXO related incident involving any of its own staff or any indirectly supervised staff.

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Research and Development

MAT Kosovo is a leading exponent in the development of HMA operations and procedures through programmes of research and development (R&D)/Trails and Evaluation (T&E). MAT Kosovo is able to facilitate and support projects from their infancy through to conduct of conclusive trials. Provision of training areas, IT and facilities support, support to manufacture to the provision of demolitions; MAT Kosovo is the go-to facilitator.


International Standards

MAT Kosovo delivers all training in accordance and compliance with International Mine/Action Standards (IMAS). Our training courses are externally accredited by Open College Networks (OCN) for the provision of training and educational standards of excellence.

MAT Kosovo Solutions and Services

MAT Kosovo can deliver an extensive range of services in support of infrastructure redevelopment. This is achieved through our deploying jointly, or on our own donor-related projects, or when building a standalone national capacity, as required.

Land Survey & Assessment

  • Country & region specific Landmine and UXO threat assessments
  • Landmine Impact Survey’s (LIS) – baseline data gathering
  • Mine Risk Education programmes – safety training
  • National/ Regional ‘suspect area’ priority planning for threat removal
  • Technical Survey – in-depth removal to ascertain threat items by type


Landmine Action, Risk Management & Clearance

  • Equipment procurement and importation
  • Mobilization of technical experts
  • Training of National staff – EOD L2
  • Technical Survey of suspected area – from LIS
  • Clearance and completion of suspect area to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS)
  • Use of secondary assets such as Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) to provide Quality Assurance of manual clearance undertaken
  • Completion reports and certification of areas which have been subject to clearance activities, to IMAS


Technical Training

  • Pre-deployment Landmine and UXO risk education training
  • Mine Risk Education (MRE) training
  • Field Technical Advisor and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Levels 1 & 2 training – to 84mm
  • EOD Level 3 training – to 240mm (including guided weapons)
  • EOD Level 4 training – including chemical weapons and liquid propellants
  • MDD training – provision of handlers and K9s


Support to Security Services

  • Provision of technical experts and assessors – risk mitigation
  • Provision of Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) and handlers/ supervisors – complete asset deployment
  • Provision of a purpose designed EOD-Demining first response team to support infrastructure development and security-based programme