Management Team


Ben Remfrey MBE, MI Exp. E, IMCSE

Managing Director of Praedium Consulting Malta (PCM) Ltd

Ben is the Managing Director of Praedium Consulting Malta (PCM) Ltd and MAT Kosovo’s EOD & ERW Training Establishment. Ben, having founded the Mines Awareness Trust (MAT) in 1999, has been in the EOD & Mine Action Industry for 25+ years. During this period Ben has been at the forefront of an evolving industry, leading innovative projects from the front with his boots firmly on the ground, often in hazardous regions globally. Ben’s vision of improving standards and focusing on training excellence has resulted in the growing reputation of the Kosovo based EOD & ERW Training Establishment, a valued member of the PCM Group of Companies. Having been awarded the MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and being made a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary Club International for the work of the lifesaving work of the organisations he has led. Ben was a former NCO in the British Army’s Royal Engineers, spending much of his service with 59 Independent Commando Squadron RE.


Emmanuel ‘Borgi’ Borg, IMCSE

Training Support & Plans Officer – PCM Gozo Office

After seeing service in the Royal Australian Engineers for 12 years, and qualifying as an electrician, Borgi joined PCM in mid-2016. As part of his induction into the PCM Group he attended and passed the IMAS EOD L2 course at the MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment in Kosovo in 2016. Having experienced what is probably the most demanding course we deliver as a company was an important part of Borgi’s development. Therefore; who is better to advise those interested in attending our courses than Borgi! In addition, he looks after all course inquiries and the general administrative side of refining course bookings, client service and streamlining processes for PCM & MAT Kosovo to be more timely and professional in the way we deal with our clients. Borgi is also the Group International conflict observer, observing and collating information on political and security development in the country’s in which we work.



Phil Jowett MBE, IMCSE

Head of Training Services

Phil is a vastly experienced SME, instructor and operator within EOD, C-IED, Advanced Counter Terrorist Search, IEDD instructor and course designer. A veteran with 26 years’ service within the British Army within the Royal Engineers. During his service Phil was involved in EOD, CBNRE (WMD), Counter Terrorist Search as an SME and was instrumental in the further development of EOD doctrine and policy, training and research and development (R&D). For his services to the colours, Phil was awarded an MBE.

Phil has gained a wealth of operational and project management experience, which he has taken into the commercial workspace, developing and conducting Security and EOD training, specifically in the UK, USA, Libya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Ukraine, South Sudan and Syria. With over 10 years’ experience within HMA both operationally and in the training environment; Phil now leads on all course design, QA, QC and training delivery at MK TC.



Arben Qorraj

Administration & Finance Manager

A professional, highly trained and experienced Admin/Finance Manager and Logistic Officer with seventeen years’ experience in mine action. Able to coordinate and manage all the Logistical/Admin/ Finance requirements for multi-faceted programmes. Skills include; logistic and vehicle fleet management, set up of vehicle workshop, recruitment, training and management of staff implementation and internal control systems for spares, fuel and oil accounts.

Holder of ISO 9001 & 14001, Internal Auditor Certificate. Experienced in planning, organising and administering clearance teams in highly productive rates in often stressful environments. Maintains a professional attitude, along with a sense of humour, to achieve consistent results through well-developed communication skills and practical ability. Arben is the man who makes the visa process possible and ensuring clients who require visa’s obtain them in a timely manner.



Peter Le Sueur OBE, IMCSE

HMA Instructor

Peter is a highly trained and experienced EOD Operator and Ammunition Technician having served a total of 14 years in 3 different armies (British Army 1971-77, Sultan’s Armed Forces, 1977-80 and SADF 1981-86).

Peter has over 23 years experience in humanitarian and commercial mine action, having worked in 15 countries on mine action projects (7 countries in Africa, 3 in the Middle East, 3 in the Balkans and 2 in Central Asia).

He has an extensive background in specialist areas such as the disposal of ADW (Air Dropped Weapons) Large-Scale demolitions, FSU (Former Soviet Union) LSA, ADW and GM (Land Service Ammunition, Air Dropped Weapons and Guided Missiles). He has extensive experience as both a “hands-on“ EOD Operator/Team Leader and as an EOD Instructor.

In addition to EOD skills, Peter has practical experience in PSSM (Physical Stockpile Security Management) of SALW (Small Arms and Light Weapons) and has been a Chief Instructor on PSSM (Ammunition Management) courses in Libya.

Peter was awarded the OBE in 2004 for “services to mine action in Afghanistan”.


Ilmars Aldis ‘Danny’ Danenbergsons, IMCSE

PCM Special Ops Project Manager

Danny is a highly trained and experienced Mine Action Operations Manager at both Programme Development & Project Management Levels. Danny’s past experience stems from service in the British Army (1976-1990), with the Royal Engineers, including ten years with 59 Independent Commando Squadron.

Danny has over 25 years’ industry & commercial experience, gained within a multi-national environment and multi-disciplined government, commercial and NGO organisations. A wealth of experience in hostile operational environments has added considerably to Danny’s ability to pre-plan, mobilise, run and close off projects. An extensive background in specialist areas such as Diving and Heavy Plant equipment enhance Danny’s integrated knowledge and expertise.



Artur Tigani, IMCSE

Head of R&D and T&E / HMA Instructor

Artur Tigani is a highly trained and experienced Mine Action Operations Officer at both Programme Development & Delivery of all aspects of de-mining, battle area clearance and EOD training. Artur’s experience stems from service in EX Yugoslav Army (1982-1984), with the Engineers. However, he has been deployed in an operational role in Kosovo, Sri Lanka, Uganda, DRC, Rwanda and Kenya.

Artur has over 17 years’ industry & commercial experience, gained within a multi-national environment. Working on programmes in multi-disciplined government, commercial and NGO organisations. An extensive background in specialist areas of HMA such as Task Planning, Technical Survey and IMSMA database work.



Santiago ‘Yago’ Monserrat, IMCSE

Head of the Creative Department & Training Officer

Yago served in the Spanish field artillery as a Forward Observer and Howitzer Commander. Later he started a career in film-making, doing from news to documentaries and corporative works. While filming a Mine Action Programme in Western Sahara, Yago began pursuing his new found interest in Mine Action. This led to him attending the MAT Kosovo training establishment and do the IMAS EOD L2 & 3 Courses. He later went back to MAT Kosovo and did his HIEDC course. In 2016 he joined the MAT Kosovo team as the Facilities & Resources Manager and Media Manager. Since early 2017 while still in charge of media, he no longer is the Facilities Manager but has joined our training team.



Afёrdita Baloku

MAT Kosovo Facilities and Logistics Manager

Aferdita is the Facilities and Logistics Manager at the MAT Kosovo Training Centre in Peja. She has an extensive background in management with 15 years’ experience in administration and logistics. Aferdita has a degree in Engineering and is also multilingual, fluent in Albanian, English and Serbian. These skills were used to the full when she was employed on many high-profile projects working with ICO, UNDP/ UNOPS, IOM and International NGOs operating in Kosovo for the implementation of political and internationally funded development programs over the past 15 years. The nature of her work with programs mentioned above required a great deal of resources and logistics management where she earned a reputation for excellence.



Hasan Sleiman

Instructor & Languages Technical Officer

An experienced mine action technical translator and interpreter with over ten years of experience in Humanitarian Mine Action.

Hasan Sleiman has worked for Norwegian People’s Aid – Lebanon between January 2007 and December 2009, United Nations Development Programme capacity building project for the Lebanon Mine Action Centre between March 2010 and January 2012 and the Danish Church Aid – Libya between February 2012 and August 2017 before joining MAT Kosovo Team in September 2017.

During his career in Humanitarian Mine Action, Hasan Sleiman has translated various Humanitarian Mine Action Standard Operating Procedures and Handbooks and was an interpreter for training/refresher training alongside occupying various positions; Information Management Officer (Information Management System for Mine Action IMSMA and Geographic Information System GIS), Community Liaison Officer, Task Impact Assessment Officer, Completions Coordinator, Quality Assurance Officer, Operations Assistant, Projects Coordinator and Training and Development Technical Advisor.



Idriz Kuqi, IMCSE

HMA and HIEDC Instructor

Idriz Kuqi is a highly trained and experienced Mine Action Operations Technical Field Manager and Instructor for all aspects of de-mining, battle area clearance, EOD and HIEDC training. Idriz’s experience stems from service in EX Yugoslavian Army (1986-1987), with the Special Forces and 18 years’ extensive experience within the Humanitarian Mine Action industry & commercial sector.

Idriz has conducted many de-mining and BAC operations and trained a multitude of students from Kosovar to Korean. He has worked for both commercial and NGO HMA organisation as a TRM and trainer building a portfolio of experience and reputation. An extensive background in specialist areas of HMA such as Task Management, UXO demolitions and Technical Survey.