IMAS Conversion Course (IMAS-CC) – Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA)

IMAS Conversion Course (IMAS-CC) – Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA)

MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment have developed what we term the IMAS Conversion Course (IMAS-CC), which is conducted over an intensive 7-day period, in recognition of the need to assist those working in the HMA & Commercial Mine Action and EOD industry, and those leaving Military EOD units to either formalise or convert their prior experience or qualifications into an IMAS complaint certification. This would be IMAS EOD Level 3 at a minimum.

Who are eligible to attend?

  1. Those working in the Industry currently without IMAS compliant certifications may attend if they can prove that they have the relevant experience and knowledge through time served and projects employed within. Applicants must be able to demonstrate through their CV and reference to their experience and knowledge base, which will be assessed before admission.
  2. Those who are preparing for discharge or have recently left their country’s military with recognised EOD qualifications, who wish to have these converted to IMAS certification. Applicants must be able to provide copies of their Military certification and can demonstrate their experience.

The course is run at the MK EOD & ERW Training Establishment in Peja, Kosovo. The course features theoretical and practical learning and exercises, incorporating an extensive live range day with a high NEQ for the disposal of live items of LSA, ATGM’s & ADW, depending on availability.

The course fee includes all food, accommodation and training for the duration of the course, plus airport transfers to and from Pristina airport in Kosovo. For those requiring it, there is a small fee to cover insurance for the range day.

Included in the syllabus

  1. Unexploded Ordnance UXO & Land Service Ammunition: Revision of the LSA Groups, Sub Groups, Role, Hazards and Methods of Disposal (MOD) to include revision on-air dropped and guided weapons. To include an introduction to booby-traps and IEDs.
  2. General Mine Action Assessment (GMAA): Understand the five pillars of HMA and the processes of a GMAA including the function/role of supporting organisations which operate within the HMA & Commercial sector. To include IMAS, TNMA’s, SOP’s NMAS and other associated publications and guidance documentation.
  3. Conduct of BAC and Demining Operations: Understand and be able to conduct demining and BAC operations in accordance with IMAS. To include site set up/layout, Quality Control (QC), site management and operational documentation. This will include an understanding of the implementation of mechanical and canine assets for survey, clearance and land release.
  4. Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA): Understand and implement IMSMA reporting systems as part of HMA operations. Reports and returns will be incorporated into all phases of the training.
  5. HMA Management Processes: Understand and implement risk management processes for all HMA operations as part of a Risk Management Plan.
  6. Non-Technical & Technical Survey: Be able to understand and conduct Non-Technical and Technical Survey, complete associated technical report and documentation including the land release processes.
  7. EOD Task Management: Understand the differences of conducting EOD operations within an HMA environment. The effective management of EOD operations involving the detection, identification, field evaluation, render safe, recovery and disposal of EO.
  8. Demolitions: Be able to conduct single, multiple and bulk UXO disposal in accordance with IMAS practices. Revision on the main line and ring mains, UXO disposal and low order techniques/RSPs. This will include planning, compiling range orders and conduct of ranges. Use of thermite disposal methods and Low order techniques will be conducted on LIVE ordnance.
  9. Pre-Course Study: All students will be expected to complete a pre-course study programme prior to arrival on the training course. This will enable the instructors to focus on the core material and ensure students have refreshed themselves on the fundamental principles of EOD.
  10. Additional Course Work, Task Planning & Exercises: Evening coursework and study is integral to the training to ensure that the mandatory subject matter is covered and assessments met satisfactorily.


Confirmatory Exercises & Formal Tests

Theoretical & Practical Examinations require a pass grade for successful completion and IMAS certification of the course.