The MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment has benefited from being an integral part of the Kosovo Mine Action programme since 1999.  The location of the Training center building actuall was the HQ of a regional Mine Action coordinator.

MAT Kosovo has cleared many areas of Kosovo from cluster munitions, minefields, explosive ordnance of many kinds, so the training areas used for practical aspects of training are as close as its possible to the real thing.  Students will benefit from being involved in what many feel is still a ‘live country programme’ and will see firsthand the work that is undertaken to mitigate casualties and to facilitate full land release.

Our facilities and infrastructure are geared towards an enjoyable training experience, the town of Peja has much to offer; Restaurants, a brewery, places of interest and places of worship for all faiths.  The countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and there is abundant wildlife in the mountains which surround Peja.

Our training center is situated in Peja, western Kosovo, at the foot of the beautiful and imposing ‘Accursed’ mountains – altitude: 550m, latitude: 42.66269, longitude: 20.3120111.