What people think about our technical training courses.

  • Sven Lindgren

    I am a former IEDD/ EOD operator and explosives instructor from the South African Navy.I wanted to move into Humanitarian De-mining and EOD and looked for schools offering IMAS courses. I found MAT Kosovo and asked around, and got positive feedback from people in the field.After contacting the Course administration team, they responded quickly and with all relative information that I would require to attend the IMAS L3 course and any travel arrangements for my arrival in Kosovo. On arrival in Peja, we stayed at the Vila Tigani, which is a great hotel with friendly and helpful staff.On arrival at the school, we were welcomed by our course instructors and the rest of the staff, who all have a great amount of knowledge and experience in the field. It was great to learn from such professional instructors and the school itself is set up in a way that theory and practical evolutions can be done without leaving the property, such is the facilities.Practical evaluations done on the test phase were also realistic and done around the town itself and in the abundant countryside. Many thanks to MAT Kosovo’s team who made the course such a pleasure to attend and imparting so much of their invaluable knowledge to us.

    Sven Lindgren / South Africa (IMAS EOD L3 October 2015)

  • Giorgio Giudice

    I wanted to give my testimony regarding the time spent with MAT Kosovo, numerous training courses I have attended, and the attention to detail that I found in this school, were where I was made to feel at home and allowed to apply myself to the maximum in study.</p> <p>I did extensive research to find a suitable school to assist me in how become an EOD operator, and many of my colleagues in the military world advised me to enrol at the MAT Kosovo school.</p> <p>I am a EDD Handler and I needed to complete my knowledge in the field of explosives for and EOD. I attended back to back both the FO/ EOD L2 and the EOD L3 courses and I must say that the work I put in and knowledge I gained was amazing.</p> <p>The practical part is very interesting, and enough to rebuild intervention situations, so very realistic. The Instructors have great communication skills, and are prepared also to assist students who have language difficulties. This assistance time and again went beyond the normal daily lessons, even outside lesson times. The MAT Kosovo staff were always available to the students be it the management, administration, transport services, cooks and assistants, the staff housing; everyone is always smiling and trying to structure an atmosphere of serenity.</p> <p>My experience at MAT Kosovo was gorgeous, very challenging, but also really intense. I will definitely attend the course ``EOD 3 plus`` when I have gained field experience (as they will not allow you to do so otherwise), and I would recommend anyone who wants to take seriously EOD work, should take their courses with MAT Kosovo.

    Giorgio Giudice / Italy (FO/ EOD L2 & IMAS EOD L3 Sept & Oct 2015)

  • Thomas Bridgeman

    I'm 28 years old. I had served in the British Army as Royal Engineer for 6 ½ years, until I was medically discharged, due to my hearing loss from an incident in Afghanistan.</p> <p>I had always been interested in EOD and was planning on becoming an EOD operator within the military, but when was I discharged I didn't think I could achieve that goal. About 8 months later, I bumped into another British ex-serviceman on the Thai-Cambodia border, who was civilian EOD trained and mentioned a company called MAT. Where if I was interested, I could go on an EOD course. When I got back to the UK, I research MAT and decided this is what I wanted to do.</p> <p>Being a soldier who was medically discharged allowed me to use forces charities to help pay for the course. After contacting a few well know forces charities in the UK, I was directed to one which was very generous and took on 75% of the course costs. Without their help I probably could not have done this course.</p> <p>I choose to take both the level 2 and 3 courses back to back. The training for both courses was very good, with excellent facilities, instructors and staff who were very knowledgeable, with a lot of experience to pass on to students.</p> <p>Peja, the city where the school is based, is a nice place. The city centre has many bars and restaurants to relax in, either to enjoy a beer or coffee. Our accommodation, Villa Tigani, is also really good and offers a more relaxing environment, with the separation from the school. The villa is situated in the East of Peja, up a hill side with great views of the mountains and Rugova Gorge.</p> <p>After completing my course I was offered a job, this was thanks to the assistance and direction from MAT staff.

    Thomas Bridgeman / UK (September & October 2015)

  • Conrad Botha

    I have been working in Mine Action, with Detection Dogs, for some years – I thought I had better get on a course which would enable me to better understand minefield management and to enhance my own personal skill set so in 2009 I did the FTA/EOD 2 course, and in June 2010 I will be doing my EOD L3 course in Kosovo. The training has made me more aware of the overall picture, and has made me more marketable as a result.

    Conrad Botha /

  • Dean McCue

    I served in the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) as a Clearance Diver, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Improvised Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator over the period 1999 to 2015. I concluded my career for the SANDF as the Senior Explosives Instructor.</p> <p>I was advised by my fellow EOD/IEDD Operators, which had pursued a career in the civilian HMA industry, to get my IMAS Level qualifications and that MAT Kosovo was an ideal place to get this training.</p> <p>I attended the EOD IMAS Level 3 course at MAT Kosovo in October 2015. The professionalism of the staff at MAT Kosovo was outstanding and the real world training that we received from our very experienced instructors was invaluable. Due to the location of the school we were also exposed to training that was based on real post conflict EOD operations which would be difficult to achieve at any other training establishment.</p> <p>On the administrative side of things the school offers very comfortable accommodation and meals and great assistance for students traveling to and from Kosova. The town of Peja is beautiful city full of friendly accommodating people.</p> <p>In conclusion I can happily recommend MAT Kosovo for all ERW Training and I hope to be back in the future to complete my IMAS Level 3+.

    Dean McCue / South Africa (IMAS EOD L3 Student, October 2015)

  • Tony Belgrave

    I attended both the IMAS Level 2 FTA and Level 3 EOD Technician courses back to back. The courses were split fairly evenly between classroom and practical lessons with confirmatory tests each week and two range days where we performed live demolitions. The atmosphere at the school was professional yet relaxed and welcoming. The staff, local and international, were all very friendly and keen to help the students with any queries.

    Tony Belgrave /