October 17, 2016 PCM News

Ollie Bartsch and Ebinger Germany – MAT Kosovo Training Team – Train the Trainer – Ebinger Electronic Search Equipment

We were delighted to host our friend Mr Oliver Bartsch of Ebinger at the MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment for the week of 17th October 2016. Ollie undertook demonstrations for the students on the IMAS EOD L3 course, but the main purpose of his visit was to train MAT Kosovo Instructors to ‘Train the Trainer’ standard and certification on the myriad of Ebinger detection systems. Particular and specifically the in-depth training provided by Ollie was to enhance and certify the MAT Kosovo Syria Training team, who have now deployed to Syria on a training project for a client, where the Ebinger equipment is being supplied for use by the client’s personnel. The training was hugely rewarding, and additional Ebinger equipment was gifted to the MAT Kosovo arsenal of electronic search equipment. Thanks again to Mr Ebinger, Ollie and the excellent Ebinger team who have gone the extra mile, as usual!