February 4, 2017 PCM News

International Mine Action Standards – Conversion Course (IMAS-CC)

The MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment recognises that there is a need to assist those working in the HMA & Commercial Mine Action and EOD industry, and those leaving Military EOD units to either formalise or convert their prior experience or qualifications into an IMAS complaint certification. This would be IMAS EOD Level 3 at a minimum.

To achieve this; we have developed what we term the IMAS Conversion Course (IMAS-CC) which is conducted over an intensive 7-day period.

Who are eligible to attend?

  1. Those working in the Industry currently without IMAS compliant certifications may attend if they can prove that they have the relevant experience and knowledge through time served and projects employed within. Applicants must be able to demonstrate through their CV and reference to their experience and knowledge base, which will be assessed before admission.
  2. Those who are preparing for discharge or have recently left their country’s military with recognised EOD qualifications, who wish to have these converted to IMAS certification. Applicants must be able to provide copies of their Military certification and can demonstrate their experience.

The course is run at the MK EOD & ERW Training Establishment in Peja, Kosovo. The course features theoretical and practical learning and exercises, incorporating an extensive live range day with a high NEQ for the disposal of live items of LSA, ATGM’s & ADW, depending on availability.

The course fee includes all food, accommodation and training for the duration of the course, plus airport transfers to and from Pristina airport in Kosovo. For those requiring it there is a small fee to cover insurance for the range day.

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October 28, 2016 PCM News

MAT Kosovo Mobile Training Team Deploys to Syria

MAT Kosovo has been contracted to send a training team into northern Syria to commence IMAS compliant training to a client’s evolving capability. This national capability, once trained, will then be tasked to start the process of dealing with the ordnance left behind in areas cleared of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ group. It is anticipated that, once this first batch is trained that more of the client’s staff will be trained in numerous locations throughout the northern Syria region. A tough task but again MAT Kosovo is the leading training provider in the EOD & De-mining field, which includes C-IED & Search training.


October 17, 2016 PCM News

Ollie Bartsch and Ebinger Germany – MAT Kosovo Training Team – Train the Trainer – Ebinger Electronic Search Equipment

We were delighted to host our friend Mr Oliver Bartsch of Ebinger at the MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment for the week of 17th October 2016. Ollie undertook demonstrations for the students on the IMAS EOD L3 course, but the main purpose of his visit was to train MAT Kosovo Instructors to ‘Train the Trainer’ standard and certification on the myriad of Ebinger detection systems. Particular and specifically the in-depth training provided by Ollie was to enhance and certify the MAT Kosovo Syria Training team, who have now deployed to Syria on a training project for a client, where the Ebinger equipment is being supplied for use by the client’s personnel. The training was hugely rewarding, and additional Ebinger equipment was gifted to the MAT Kosovo arsenal of electronic search equipment. Thanks again to Mr Ebinger, Ollie and the excellent Ebinger team who have gone the extra mile, as usual!



October 8, 2016 PCM News

FO/ EOD L2 & IMAS EOD L3 Courses Completed

September saw the scheduled FO/ EOD L2 Course well attended and after some hard yards the students found their feet and did very well to graduate with flying colours. Many of whom then went straight into the IMAS EOD L3 Course with some additional course members adding to their number, forming what can only be described as a well-balanced and formidable group. The IMAS EOD L3 Course finished with an exercise in Montenegro, and live ranges where the students dealt with live ordnance in the use of high and low order techniques. Another successful group graduated with excellent results.



August 16, 2016 PCM News

POLIEX Montenegro

The POLIEX team from Montenegro made a visit to MAT Kosovo’s EOD & ERW Training Establishment in August 2016. The purpose of the visit was to further strengthen future collaboration on training courses and facilities available close to Berane in Montenegro, a 2 hour drive from the MK TC in Peja. Furthermore, POLIEX products will be available to all students attending IMAS EOD courses.



August 8, 2016 PCM News

DDG, DCA, 3F & 3W Libya Staff complete IMAS EOD L3 Course

We are delighted to say, with almost everyone successful, that DDG, DCA, 3F & 3W Libya staff completed their MAS EOD L3 course at the end of August 2016. It was an excellent effort by all involved from DDG’s staff and the MAT Kosovo Training Team. Furthermore, the teams who completed the training have gone on to pass in country accreditation in October 2016 – so a very well done to all involved and all the very best for the future to our Libyan brothers.


August 5, 2016 PCM News

SENSYS Equipment Training at the MK TC

Gorden Konieczek from SENSYS came to instruct and demonstrate the SENSYS search equipment to the MAT Kosovo training team. This included the use of the SBL10 magnetometer used in BAC operations. The equipment is available for use on the IMAS EOD courses.


July 26, 2016 PCM News

Rendsafe Conduct Training and Trials with MK, DDG, DCA, 3F & 3W at the MK TC

The Rendsafe team conducted training and trials with their deflegration systems with MAT Kosovo in July 2016. MAT Kosovo will continue to work with Rendsafe to assist training of clients going forward. The Rendsafe systems will be available for all clients training with MAT Kosovo.


July 12, 2016 PCM News

Montenegro Mine Action Authority

MAT Kosovo’s EOD & ERW Training establishment received a visit by the team from the Montenegro Mine Action Authority. The purpose of the visit was regional cooperation but also for the team to view the Training Facility, with a view to conducting training with us in both Kosovo and Montenegro in the future.


May 31, 2016 PCM News

June 2016 DDG, 3F & 3W Libya Personnel complete IMAS EOD L1 & 2 Training

DDG All End of Course

12 Libyan students recently underwent 4-weeks of intense training at the MAT Kosovo EOD & ERW Training Establishment under the guidance of DDG and MAT Kosovo’s Training Teams. Many of the students had prior experience and knowledge from working in Libya in recent years. Formalising their training to IMAS was a key objective for DDG, so the course was arranged to happen at a convenient time with the majority of the students due to return to Kosovo in July to enrol on the IMAS EOD L3 course


A very well done to DDG and their Libyan partners, excellent attitude and performance from one and all made for a very enjoyable while arduous course, we thank DDG for choosing MAT Kosovo for the training.

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