MAT Kosovo has exclusive use of a fully licenced explosives demolitions range close to our establishment in Peja, located across the border in Montenegro. This facility is available to MAT Kosovo as a dedicated demolitions facility, it is set in a remote area and is accessible year round. We are confident that no one in the region and very few facilities globally can provide the type of live demolitions training, that we can provide from this facility, it’s truly exceptional.

Range Facility

The range is prepared for training with live explosives and live explosive targets, which are available and stored on site. The live targets we use for training range from Hand grenades to Mortars, Projectiles, Aerial Bombs and other high-value explosive weapons. Having access to and conducting demolitions and techniques on live targets is essential to providing the very best training available globally – which we provide on all of our courses!

Range Limit/Methods Of Disposal

The Range is twofold, with two areas set aside for explosive testing. The NEQ of the facility is extremely high, as you would expect from the type of live targets we have access to for the demolitions training. We use high and low order techniques and weapons on live ordnance, which enhances the training available. We also test and evaluate ‘thermite’ deflagration systems on live targets and are involved in the R&D to improve these systems. A stock of thermite systems is kept on site for use on our courses. Large bulk demolitions can also be arranged, on request.

Support & Facilities

The facilities at these ranges are exceptional, from security and catering to access to large storage areas where de-commissioning of LSA and other ordnance is ongoing. The facility is well appointed and is in a remote area, but has everything available from firefighting equipment to residential accommodation.

Kosovo range

We also have our own smaller NEQ range in Kosovo, which we use on our basic courses.
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